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Used Car Market

The Japanese Used Car Auctions

Most used cars are bought and sold at auction in Japan. Of these, from 25 to 30% are exported each year.

Companies engaged in the export of used vehicles buy 90% of their stock at auction. This includes the Yokohama Trading Co.

Auctions are held throughout Japan. Auctions where prices are low soon attract buyers and this drives prices up. Auctions where prices are high soon attract sellers and this drives prices down. This results in a very stable price structure with minimal fluctuation. Essentially, the auction price represents the fair market price.

Specific vehicle price is determined by several factors.


  • Model (How popular a particular car is)
  • Model year (How old a particular car is)
  • Condition (Mileage and other factors)
  • Equipment (Power steering, power windows, audio, GPS, etc.)


Vehicle condition can be improved but this costs money. Unscrupulous dealers simply turn the odometer back.

The price of a given vehicle in good or excellent condition does not fluctuate very much. There are no ‘bargains’ at legitimate auctions.

Any vehicle that is sold substantially below its fair market price has something wrong with it (damaged in an accident, stolen, odometer tampered with, serious mechanical problems, etc.). Were this not true, it would be sold at auction.

The cheap exporter sells bad cars. Buying one of these vehicles is dangerous.


The Yokohama Trading Co is proud of its reputation as an honest and responsible provider of high-quality used vehicles to overseas markets.

Often prospective clients ask us to procure them vehicles at below fair market price. Because we are a reputable dealer, we are unable to do this.


We are also proud to be one of the founding members of JUMVEA (Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association). Mr. Nobuo Mitsuhashi, president of Yokohama Trading Co, is a member of the JUMVEA Board of Directors.

JUMVEA is authorized by the Japanese Government Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). It strives to promote honest used vehicle sales from Japan to the world. It works to marginalize unscrupulous dealers and prevent dishonest vehicle transactions.

The JUMVEA Motor Vehicle Certificate is included with every vehicle sold by the Yokohama Trading Co. This certificate ensures you that your vehicle has been carefully inspected and graded before being purchased at auction. It certifies that it is legitimate (not stolen) and that the odometer has not been turned back. It is extremely useful when and if you decide to resell your vehicle.


The goal of the Yokohama Trading Co is to provide you with the best possible used vehicle within the limits of your budget.


Because the Yokohama Trading Co believes that your satisfaction is in our long-term self-interest, we stress quality and reliability. Often this costs a little more. In return, you get the peace of mind and security that comes from owning and driving a dependable and trouble-free vehicle.

We look forward to serving you.

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